Monaco leisure guide

FairPromotion Monaco Yacht Show leisure guide. You can find a lot of good tips to make your stay perfect!


Travel-to-boat show-tips

1. External battery charger in case you are in meetings outside your stand the whole day. And afterwards in a hurry for an afternoon cocktail…
2. Buy an internet and mobile internet package with your provider. Or go to for mobile wifi. Stay connected!
3. In case your hotel is not that fancy: bring a travel iron.
4. Multi functional suitcase with many many compartments. Not cheap but brilliant and strong designed is Rimowa.
5. Or create your own compartments beforehand with an outfit in plastic bag per day. And a ‘Lay-n-go’ for your essentials is always a good idea
5. Afraid of not waking up on time, try melatonin instead of sleeping pills to function at optimal levels.
6. Download apps like Tripit (to collect all your bookings), Evernote (for all your important notes) and any weather app (to avoid wet t-shirt contests on show site;))

Monaco Hotspots

Joehoe, what happened to that designer hotel ‘NI’, very very near the Monaco Yacht Show? OK, they had pretty awkward items inside but the location, view and rates were awesome. Btw, any other Monaco hotspots? don’t hesitate to post them on the bottom side of this page!



FairPromotion has been a bit unfaithfull this weekend… Visited a FOOD show instead of a BOAT show! Hundreds of vans with the finest food from all over the world! What about a FairPromotion food truck during the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 ? ?!? We have to find a way to have our own little kitchen at the show when Darse Nord is no longer there…

Superyacht Festival Amsterdam

Best combi ever: Burgers & Bubbles! The first edition of the Superyacht Festival Amsterdam was brilliant!

Sanya Hainan China

Eaten sea cucumber (and jelly fish!) – being an attraction because of our giant length, thus forced to pose on about 100 pictures per day – created a Chinese imitation of the FairPromotion catering service – and saw hundreds of Chinese people at the ‘selfie’-photobooth of one of our clients. We are heroes in Point-it and playing Hints but also look forward to start working on the bit more civilized shows;). Yes, we are open for Cannes, Monaco, Fort Lauderdale and Amsterdam!



Ready for Sanya?

Script check? Sun cream check? Anti-insect spray check? English-Mandarin dictionary check? Flight check (in)? Visa check (sorry, you are probably a bit too late to arrange that now or it will cost you a fortune;)…)?, Hotel transfer check? Cash Chinese Yuan check? Perfect, see you there!

24 hours delay in Hong Kong

24 hours delay = falling in love with Hong Kong! FairPromotion mini leisure guide Hong Kong: 1. SOHO SOHO SOHO! London with a Chinese touch (and Topshop!). 2. Lunch hotspot Mana! Try the combi humus wrap with bean salad on the side and carrot/ginger juice, njomnjom. 3. Friday afternoon drinks on Wyndham St. (for example DiVino wine bar with free snack buffet!). 4. Take the metro instead of a taxi, you can even check-in your luggage at the train station! 5. Book a nice city apartment on airbnb. We wish you many delays in Hong Kong;)


North European International Superyacht Awards

Big thanks to all of our clients working with us again at the Hainan show! And for all the hilarious and memorable moments in Sanya. Best memory is of course the North European International Superyacht Awards. Happy to be one of the price winning teams:)!


Sneak Preview Sanya!

We hope to provide you with many many more tips & tricks at the show, or in a Sanya karaoke bar;)… Look out for our complete Sanya leisure guide (printed version! as Facebook and China are still not best friends…).