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Set your goals

Set your goals

Ask yourself these questions and write them down:
Why do you want to participate? What do you hope to achieve? How many visitors do you want to visit your stand and yacht? What is your most wished-for top list of persons you hope to speak? How many leads are you hoping for? What service / or yacht are you hoping to launch at the next boat show?

Sure, do have more than one goal, but for each show, write them down and determine where you and your staff are striving for. What will your Return on Investment be? If it’s just that one new customer, do focus on getting that customer on your yacht, party, stand.

Seen our list of boat shows? Given your strategic plans per continent, you need to choose those boat shows or other high-end luxury shows that will give your business the best outcome in terms of your goals. Sure we love to help with suggestions for shows around the globe.

We will inform you what the particular (boat) show’s objectives are, and investigate and evaluate the show’s audience for you.

Book your space & find out everything you can about your space, including:

  • Location in the harbour
  • Other exhibits nearby
  • Whether it’s a high traffic or low traffic area
  • Physical conditions of the booth space, such as lighting, position,