Top 5 of the most luxurious boats and yacht shows

If you think about luxury, one things pops up in everybodies mind. The unbelievable superyachts, and toys that come along with them.
Even the super yachts and other luxury items need a place were potential buyers can see, and can touch them.
Herefore there are a lot of boat and yacht fairs that have their charmes. But there will always be one that stands out from others.
In the more than 10 years we are busy with providing our clients with our boat show service, we have seen some outstanding things.

That’s why we want to share our experiences in a top 5, and explain why these shows are really outstanding:



This boat show breaths America! There is no escape from the gorgeous USA beach view where you start your day. The outdoor BBQ’s are everywhere and the cliché lifeguard posts wit big blue waves in the back ground finish the beautiful setting. You can say it’s the best boatshow that shows America. The show is supported with a lot of casual events that really show ”the american dream”. But alway with the friendly and happy chatty people that really show the Fort Lauderdale Atmosphere. This show has something for everyone!



More than just a show, it’s a festival!
The name screams fun and you almost want to take the first plane destined to there. Cannes is of source world renowed for Festival de Cannes, the prestigious film festival.
But we honestly prefer the yachting festival. The setting of this show is awsome. Crystal clear waters, beautiful mediterranean weather  and a picturesque harbor surrounded by beautiful customised stands.
It’s just around the corner of the Monaco Yacht show, but just as spectacular and well-visited. But it is more focused on the smaller segment of the market. That doesn’t mean that the show boasts some of the world’s most impressive yachts. That’s why it’s in our top 5!



This International boat show in Palm Beach let’s everyone feel privileged. The island of Palm Beach is home to some legendary resorts, exquisite mansions and historic landmarks. Lined with palm trees the shopping walhalla of Worth Avenue is known worldwide. The boulevards are also filled with chique restaurants along the beautiful beaches.
For the boat show it self, there is something for eveyone, from the latest innovations on small boats available for everyone to the mega yacht over 150′. The show hosts place for boats that  have a total worth of $1.2 bllion dollars, and are manufactured by world’s leading companies.



Monaco is an iconic place for yachts and especially with the yacht show, people are submerged under the most luxurious and biggest yachts there are to offer. Monaco becomes a little play ground for the rich people on this planet. They can shop for new designer clothing, new sportcars or a new yacht. What makes Monaco so special is that this dwarf state is only 2 square kilometers. Therefore a lot of the visitiors use helicopters to transport themselve from their boat tot a rooftop of one their houses.
For us this yacht show, is the most busy time of the year. Al our clients come together here so we have to make a lot happen in a short amount of time to make it a roaring succes.



If it’s about luxury Dubai has to be our number one on the list. eveything you see here is mind blowing. the skyscrapers give an absolutely one of a kind view from the harbor. The Hotels don’t stop at 5 stars but continue to the worlds most luxurious hotel there is(Burj al Arab). The best restaurants that are known for their excuisite taste. Not to forget the exremes that the dessert brings.
But the yachts that drop anchor are some the biggest of the world. But it doens’t stop at boats, also the most exclusive automotive comapnies have their place at this show.
Dubai is famous for its exclusivity, so the designs for the stands are always with ” a golden touch”. In this stand one thing cannot miss, an airco :). So if you like the heat and luxury items Dubai Boat Show is something for you!