Travel-to-boat show-tips

1. External battery charger in case you are in meetings outside your stand the whole day. And afterwards in a hurry for an afternoon cocktail…
2. Buy an internet and mobile internet package with your provider. Or go to for mobile wifi. Stay connected!
3. In case your hotel is not that fancy: bring a travel iron.
4. Multi functional suitcase with many many compartments. Not cheap but brilliant and strong designed is Rimowa.
5. Or create your own compartments beforehand with an outfit in plastic bag per day. And a ‘Lay-n-go’ for your essentials is always a good idea
5. Afraid of not waking up on time, try melatonin instead of sleeping pills to function at optimal levels.
6. Download apps like Tripit (to collect all your bookings), Evernote (for all your important notes) and any weather app (to avoid wet t-shirt contests on show site;))