Your trip to Monaco Yacht Show begins here

When you are visiting Monaco’s Yacht show there are some other things that you need to see.
Monaco has a lot more to offer than only luxury and expensive places.
Everyone knows the Casino, F1 track, Palaces and other real tourisitc places, but despite the size of Monaco there is a lot more to discover.
That’s why we want to give a few local spots and must sees you need to visit when you really want to experience Monaco.

We made this top 5 for you, with some local spots but also the must sees.

  • No 5.

    Gardens of Monaco
    When you walk through Monaco you immediately get indulged by all the beautiful flowers and gardens.
    A few of the gardens that are worth a visit are:
    Jardin Japonais
    You won’t expect this in Monaco, but in the east of the principality you will find a traditional japanese garden.
    Covered with Zen gardens beautiful designed gardens and stone work, it’s something sepcial.
    in this 7000 meters of gardens you even find a little beach were you can enjoy a little quite spot.
    Les Jardins Saint-Martin
    Les Jardins Saint-Martin have a beautiful panorama over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea below and are known for a memorial statue of Prince Albert I.
    You can find a stunning amount of indidious and exotic plants because of the mediterranean sun. Also you can find a lot of dainty pools, pretty fountains and stunning views over the azure waters.

  • No 4.

    Have a drink at Quay Jean Charles Rey
    This erea is located on the edge of the harbour is the perfect way to end your busy day.
    With a variety of  bars and restaurant, ranging from English pubs to luxurious restaurants.
    you have a scenic view over the harbour and a beautiful sunset. If you ask me that’s a perfect way to end your day!

  • No 3.

    Walk around Fontvieille Park
    The park sits on reclaimed land and is the best place to admire the green spaces in the whole of Monaco.
    You will find lots of palm trees and olive groves and there are a number of lakes and ponds that attract the local fauna.
    Ducks and swans swim in the lakes all year round and there is an elegant Sculpture Path that spans four hectares.

  • No 2.

    Enjoy the worlds finest dining
    With all the luxury comes the demand of the best quisine there is.
    That’s why Monaco counts thirteen michelin restaurants, topped with the three star Michelin star resaurant, Le Louis XV.
    So if you really want to indulge yourself with haute-quizine Monaco is the place to be.
    But don’t forget the local quizine. Their are a lot of restaurants that are reasonalbe priced en serve very good food aswell.
    So if you don’t have the budget to eat at Michelin star restaurants every day, their are a lot of good options.

  • No.1

    Walk around the Old Town
    The oldest part of Monaco is focused on ‘Le Rocher’ which means ‘The Rock’ and is a maze of charismatic little paths that date from the middle ages.
    You will find a huge range of the best attractions in Monaco but also one of the nicest things to do here is to wander around and visit anything that catches your eye like small boutiques and cafes.