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2 October 2019 

It’s a wrap: the Monaco Yacht Show

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, FairPromotion has built 22 stands, organized an event, shipped 225 m3 of shipmodels to Monaco, and in total had 14 trailers stocked with show material brought to the show. As much as 50 colleagues worked around the clock to make it work; to ensure each client presentation was ready for show opening on the 25th of October.


One of those presentations was the Feadship stand. We are very proud of the Feadship stand presentation that we created. In collaboration with Hypsos we designed a whole new Feadship presentation for the Monaco Yacht Show 2019. Named: Jewels of the Crown.
The Jewels in the Crown is a display consisting of well over three hundred individually pressed pieces of circular glass. Each of this hand-blown glasses contain a Feadship profile that has been screen-printed. The kaleidoscope of colours and gradations reflect the changing hues of the water as seen from a moving yacht. The Monaco Yacht Show was the perfect place to shine a light on the jewels of the Feadship fleet in a spectacular and original way.

We are very proud it all came together beautifully at the stand and are pleased with the compliment from Feadship, which says it all: “Thanks for the good collaboration, help, time and patience. We are glad that we clicked and had a good time working together.”


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